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SNOMED CT E-Learning Tutorial provided by IHTSDO

SNOMED CT Introduction
A short introductory presentation (16 mins)
The Building Blocks of SNOMED CT
An introduction for the SNOMED CT content components: Concepts, Descriptions and Relationships. (21 minutes)
Why Clinical Terminology Matters
A short history of experience of recording clinical ideas in computer systems over the past forty year, setting the context for the requirements for the development and adoption of SNOMED CT. (33 minutes)
SNOMED CT Challenge
An online test of your knowledge of SNOMED CT. This link currently refers to the pilot site developed last year. However, in early 2015 the material on this site will be migrated into the SNOMED CT E-Learning Server environment and integrated with E-Learning tutorials and courses.

Presentations from the Annual SNOMED CT Showcase Events. These presentations do not have audio narration recordings. Note that the presentation authors are responsible for the accuracy of information in these presentations which have not been checked by IHTSDO.

SNOMED CT Showcase 2012
Index of presentations from the 2012 SNOMED CT Implementation Showcase in Stockholm, Sweden.
SNOMED CT Showcase 2013
Index of presentations from the 2013 SNOMED CT Implementation Showcase in Arlington, USA.
SNOMED CT Showcase 2014
Index of presentations from the 2014 SNOMED CT Implementation Showcase in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
SNOMED CT Showcase 2011
Index of presentations from the 2011 SNOMED CT Implementation Showcase in Sydney, Australia.

Additional training sites and materials hosted by IHTSDO Member. Note that Member organizations are responsible for the accuracy of information posted on their sites. These materials have not be checked by IHTSDO. Some content may be specific to a Member country and some material may relate to earlier releases of SNOMED CT.

UK Webinars about SNOMED CT
A series of Webinars on SNOMED CT topics created by the UK National Release Center
UK SNOMED CT Resource Library
Other UK learning materials related to SNOMED CT

Additional training presentations including some YouTube videos. Some of these presentation are now several years old and while they remain useful technical details may have changed following the introduction of Release Format 2 in 2012. Additionally changes to content models are likely to and content models

SNOMED CT Overview
This video contains a high level overview of SNOMED CT, its purpose and history; the requirements, benefits and many uses/users; the structure of SNOMED CT; key reference documents/materials; the IHTSDO; key considerations in adopting SNOMED CT. SNOMED CT OVERVIEW is for those people who will be exposed to SNOMED CT and need to know some general features for e.g. policy makers, procurer's, decision makers, government representatives etc.
SNOMED CT Basics follows on from "SNOMED CT Overview" with a more detailed description of SNOMED CT, and covers post-coordination; expressions; description logic; discussion about the interaction between terminology/information model; primary use and secondary (re-use) of data; extensions; reference sets; history tracking; and cross mapping. These videos are for those people who might use SNOMED CT in general for e.g. health care providers/service providers, clinical supervisors, researchers, practice managers, (chief) healthcare executives and managers, IT managers/project managers/consultants.